Courtesy new corridor, Kashmir can now import more power

Courtesy new corridor, Kashmir can now import more power

The Rs 3000-crore project was conceived in 2012 and work started in August 2014.

The recently-commissioned power corridor traversing the Mughal Road will boost the capacity to import energy to Kashmir, which faces chronic shortage of power, especially during winter.

The 414-km-long Samba-Amargarh power corridor, connecting the Valley with the northern grid, would not only act as an alternate energy import channel but also increase import capacity by around 1000 MW, officials said on Thursday.

“We were able to complete and commission the project within the four-year deadline,” chief executive officer Sterlite Power, Ved Mani Tiwari, said during a media interaction here. The Sterlite Company executed the project.

The Rs 3000-crore project was conceived in 2012 and work started in August 2014.

Setting up the line through Pirpanjal mountain range was a herculean task, so the company hired a helicrane from the US for flying equipment to inaccessible and mountainous areas, Tiwari said.

A total of 1115 pylons have been set up along the entire stretch of the line, 780 of these along Samba-Amargarh stretch besides 1200 transmission towers.

Maintenance of the line, which would be a challenge because it passes through mountains and ridges, would be taken care of by the company for the next 35 years, Tiwari said.

He said they have already chalked out a plan to regularly monitor the line, which has been described by many as “superpower power highway”. 

“This is the first winter after the line has been commissioned. We are also planning extra protection of the line in avalanche-prone areas,” said Tiwari.

Chief engineer system and operations PDD Javaid Ahmad said the line would increase import capacity to Kashmir by 1000 MW. The line has an interconnection with Wagoora grid station and would partly feed it and partly the upcoming grid station at Amargarh.

Another advantage of the line is that in case of any problem in the existing transmission lines the department now has an alternate route available with it.

“Partly because of this line we are able to supply 150 MW additional energy this time compared to last year,” said Ahmad.

This new line would also lessen congestion on Zainakot-Wagoora line and the department is now fully able to use transmission capacity at Zainkot grid now and Delina grid is now fed directly from Sterlite station.

“We hope we will be able to overcome the distress in power supply we witnessed last year,” he said.