Covid-19: prevention, better than cure

Few important preventives measures will surely help us protect against the invisible enemy

Wash your Hands Frequently

We need to wash our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap or use of alcohol based sanitizers may give us rid of the same. So hygene of hands is among top priorities which needs to be keep in consideration at all levels.

Social Distancing

Maintaining distance is directly proportional to your safety, at least three feet between any one who is sneezing, coughing, having running nose;  and the scientific logic is: when some one coughs or sneezes they spray very small liquid droplets through their nose/mouth which may contain deadly virus. If some one is too close he can inhale the droplets carrying COVID-19.

We need to avoid touching few organs, like nose,eyes,mouth in order to be in safer side.

Hands usually remain vibrant round the clock and may touch surfaces, and can pic up virus. Your hands can transfer the deadly virus to your eyes, nose, mouth and other natural openings from where the deadly virus can get entry in to your body.

Respiratory Hygiene

Lungs are targeted organ and dwelling places for such delay viruses so its hygiene may play important role to get the tract rid of this infective virus. So we need ensure good respiratory hygiene. We should also cover mouth and nose with tissue, bent elbow while coughing or sneezing.

In case person has fever, cough, sneezing with running nose, difficult breathing, he needs to seed medical care immediately. Some important points need to be underlined:

In such conditions you strictly need to folow the directions of health experts or health authorities for the safety of your life and the life of your dears. You need to contact health providers in advance as you will get the right health facility in due time.

Some people hide the things and despite symptoms are trying to escape from the basic advisory putting their lives in danger and also of their nears, dears and others. In such situations we need to cooperate with health authorities.

Protective measures must be strictly followed by the persons who are in or have recently visited sensitive areas where this deadly virus is Prevalent. No doubt entire world is threatened by this deadly Corona Virus but protective measures, and generating awareness about it, can help us fight this virus.

Keep generating awareness and follow the directions of Health authorities and experts in order to remain safe.

Adnan Amin is Sr. Representative JKHMEA Kashmir,