COVID-19|Kashmiri students stranded at Indo-Bangladesh border told to return to Colleges

Dozens of Kashmir students, who were stranded at Indo-Bangladesh border, have been told to return to their Colleges and Universities in the neighboring country.

A group of 70 students had left for Kashmir after Bangladesh ordered closure of varsities in the wake of Coronavirus spread.

“We were stranded on roads for two days and on Tuesday evening, we were asked by officials from Indian embassy to return to our colleges in Bangladesh. Despite our pleas, they didn’t allow us to enter Indian,” said a student.

The student said the embassy conveyed to the Bangladesh government and asked the authorities at their Colleges to open hostels for them.

The distressed students said it was not safe for them to continue their stay in Bangladesh as there were not enough facilities and other safety measures to deal with the Coronavirus threat.

“The government will be responsible for any harm caused to us. Bangladesh government won’t take responsibility for our safety and may not be able to provide us with requisite facilities,” the student said.

Government of India has already suspended all international and domestic flights, besides sealing borders and entry points. The decision was taken to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

The students said Bangladesh will undergo lockdown from Wednesday which will make their stay more difficult.

Meanwhile, another group of students stuck in Mohalli demanded their evacuation saying that they were running short of ration and daily basic necessities.

The student said they were depressed and desperate to reach Kashmir given the deteriorating conditions amid the lockdown.

“Please help us to return home. Our parents will arrange the transport facility for us. The situation is scary here,” the student said.