COVID19 lockdown: JU announces new exam pattern for UG students

Jammu University (JU) has decided to evaluate undergraduate students on basis of internal assessment and marks obtained in preceding semesters, for the upcoming exams, amid the ongoing lockdown.

As per a notification issued by controller examination, the colleges affiliated with JU will award second and fourth semester students by giving 50 percent weightage to internal assessment while as remaining 50 percent should be awarded on basis of the average marks secured by the students in the preceding first and second semester of the course.

The decision has been taken in the backdrop of the UGC guidelines and recommendations put forth by the examination committee constituted by the varsity.

Due to the prevailing COVID19 pandemic, the University examination for UG semester II, IV, VI could not be conducted as per schedule, reads the notification.

The varsity has asked the colleges concerned to complete the internal evaluation of students, if not done earlier during the first 10 days of the start of the class work for the next semester, post lockdown.

“This is as per the UGC scheme of 50 percent weighatge to the previous semester awards and 50 percent weighatge to the internal evaluation awards of the semester in question,” reads the notification.

For 2nd and 4th semester private students, the examination committee has recommended 50 percent weighatge for the internal assessment already evaluated in these two semesters.

“While as the remaining 50 percent weighatge will be given to the preceding semester score of the subject passed by the students,” it reads.

For the students of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester of directorate of distance education, the calculation of the results will be done on basis of giving 50 percent weighatge of the internal assessment awards received by the directorate while as rest of the 50 percent weighatge be given to the performance in the preceding semester.

“However, the terminal exam for undergraduate 6th semester shall be conducted on the pattern of MCQs, to be answered on OMR sheets by following all safety precautions, social distancing, staggered shifts as soon as conditions are considered conducive,” the notification reads.

It reads the question paper will be set from the course content delivered and syllabus completed before the lockdown or during the lockdown period.

“The completion of syllabus will be authenticated on basis of the report submitted by the modal principal of the colleges,” the notification reads.