COVID19 scare at NIT Srinagar | BTech students oppose offline exams

Photo Courtesy: @nitsriofficial/Twitter

The 8th semester B.Tech students of National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar have opposed the institute’s decision to hold exams in the offline mode.

The decision comes days after the NIT administration closed the institute for physical classes of students and asked the students to vacate the hostels as well.

Earlier, eight students tested positive at the institute within a week forcing the NIT administration to wind up the physical classes for the students at the institute.

“After closure of the institute students were given an option to stay put at the hostels to leave for our homes. Majority of the students vacated the hostels and left for their homes as there were no physical classes at the institute,” a student said.

The student however said the institute has decided to conduct the exams in offline mode which is in contradiction with the institute’s decision to close the offline classes amid rise in COVID-19 positive cases.

Also, a notice flashed on the official website of the NIT website reads; “8th semester examination will be conducted in offline mode; although the classes will be in online mode.”

The students reacted to the NIT decision for holding exam in offline mode and said the authorities were indirectly forcing the students to stay put at the hostels.

“We met the director NIT but to no avail. If the NIT has decided to hold exam in offline then we have to stay in the hostels which has a risk factor attached to it,” the student said.

The students said the NIT administration was forcing the students to stay at the hostels to charge the mess fee from the students.

“We have paid Rs 24000 for our last semester and all the students are willing to return to their home. But if students will return home, then almost Rs 18000 per head would have to be refunded to the students and NIT administration won’t be able to take the commission from the money. All the hostel mess management is carried out by the NIT administration members,” the student said.

Registrar NIT, Dr Kaisar Bukhari when contacted the exams are likely to be held in June month and students can go to their homes till the dates are notified.

“The decision about refunding the hostel mess fee will be taken by the hostel administration accordingly as per the situation,” he said.

About the mode of exams, the NIT Registrar said no one can foresee the mode of exam which is to be held in future months.

‘The mode of exam will be decided as per the situation and the government direction,” he said.