CPI-M criticises govt on unfulfilled job promises

The CPI-M on Wednesday criticized the government for failing to create job opportunities for educated youth in J&K and instead snatching the existing limited avenues.

In a statement, the party said more than a year after the special status of J&K was revoked the government was yet to create even a single job.

“Instead it has withdrawn more than 1,000 posts that were advertised under SRO 202 during the past two years,” said the statement. “The government’s decision is unfortunate as instead of providing employment, it is even snatching the limited opportunities. The government should revoke its decision as soon as possible.”

The statement said the BJP government had claimed that Article 370 was an impediment to J&K’s development and its abrogation will bring investment, jobs and prosperity to the region.

“The reality is different on the ground from what was being said by the government. After last August clampdown, the economy of J&K has virtually collapsed as tourism, trade and other vital sectors have been badly hit and whole businesses have shattered,” said the statement. It said over 15000 young unemployed engineers who were earning their bread and butter by working through Self Help Groups in various departments for the last more than a decade have been rendered jobless due to the administration decision to abolish the scheme.