CUK conference calls for dialogue between communities

The participants of a two-day international conference on “Rethinking Education of Religions in Modern World: Prospects & Challenges,” organised by the Department of Religious Studies, Central University of Kashmir (CUK) in collaboration with Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, Wednesday called for dialogue between different communities.

“Such initiative would create environment of peaceful coexistence,” the resolution adopted by the members read. The resolutions further reads:  The present crisis situations demand all efforts to save the planet through trusteeship, harmony, balance and social Justice, there may be new initiatives to study other religions and there should be strong opposition to misuse and abuse of religions for ulterior motives, efforts should be made to re-visit positive elements in civilization and historical march of mankind. Full help may be taken by application of technology, Universities, research organizations and well placed NGOs may come forward to rethink about education of religions in modern world and make religion relevant in present context and there is urgent need for interaction among Madrassas (religious seminaries) and modern education institutions so that a unified worldview may be projected.

Earlier, the Head Department of Religious Studies, Prof. HamidullahMarazi, presented the conference report and said that brain storming session was followed by two parallel technical sessions which were conducted under the supervision of the experts. Prof. Marazi said that about 50 research papers were presented by the scholars of various institutions and states on the first day of the conference.

In his presidential address, CUK Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mehrajud Din Mir underscored the need for holding interfaith dialogue for solving all the issues amicably. He said that basic religious ethos should be implemented in letter and spirit. Prof. Mehrajud Din Mir said the parents should inculcate the basic fundamentals of their faith among their children at an earlier stage. He said the deliberations held during the conference should be consolidated and send to the concerned quarters for implementation.

While speaking on the occasion, Mufti Omer Aberdeen, Prof. Madhu Khanna, Dr. Mohammad Chandia, Prof. Ishtiyaq Danish, Prof. Abdul Rashid Bhat and Dr. G N Var expressed gratitude to the Department of Religious Studies for holding the conference and said the discourse during the event was about the remodeling of religious education for the next generation. They said that integration of different sects of religions is found in Kashmir. The participants called for introduction of religious studies department in every university and constitution of core groups for strengthening these departments. They said many wonderful ideas were generated and many solutions came to the fore during deliberation in the conference. They also said that one of the things which all participants agreed upon was that education should integrate both realms the material and the spiritual.   Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Dr. Nazir Ahmad Zargar conducted the programme proceedings while as Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, Harpal Singh proposed the vote of thanks.