DDMA says lockdown to continue as notified earlier

District Disaster Management Authority Srinagar has said that lockdown will continue as notified earlier and a formal notification would be issued in due course of time.

According to statement, it had obtained suggestions from various institutions and departments on further strategy for COVID containment and graded economic revival under notified protocols for Srinagar specific response system to be put in place starting June 1.

DDMA had sought inputs on proposed strategy for the next stage of lockdown and in this regard Principal GMC Srinagar DrSamia Rashid had conducted an exercise while Department of Social and Preventive Medicine headed by DrSaleem Khan has formulated guidelines for sectoral functioning. SKIMS Srinagar has also forwarded a preliminary report through Nodal Office Dr G H Yatoo while the district police Srinagar did conduct a comprehensive review of the present situation and further requirements, taking into account the stakeholder consultations.