Defunct toilets in Bandipora town major inconvenience for public

The defunct toilets in main market Bandipora are causing immense problems to the general public. The toilets were supposed to be maintained by the local municipal committee.

The residents have complained that the toilets constructed by the Manasbal Development Authority years ago have been rendered defunct for the last several months, causing inconvenience to the general public.

“The Manasbal Development Authority had constructed public toilets by spending lakhs of rupees but they have never been put to use owing to the failure of municipal committee Bandipora to maintain them. There are several public toilets in main market Bandipora but all of them are defunct which causes lot of inconvenience to the people, particularly to the women folk,” said Bashir Ahmad, a local resident.

The locals said that last month the toilets were made functional but only after two days they were closed by the municipal committee Bandipora for reasons best known to them. “What is the fun of constructing these public toilets when they cannot be put to any use,” they said.

“Generally women folk who visit Bandipora market for shopping and other purposes have to face a lot of inconvenience due to defunct public toilets in the main market. This is very unfortunate on part of the concerned department as they have failed to maintain the facilities. We have apprised them several times about the issue but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears,” said Mushtaq Ahmad, a taxi driver.

The locals said that public toilets built near Gulshan Chowk are in deplorable condition and most of the time these toilets are occupied by the security personnel as they have remained defunct since their construction.

They said that the people, who visit Bandipora market during day time, are forced to urinate in the open.

When contacted Executive Officer Municipal Committee Bandipora, Syed Nayeem Rizvi, said the public toilets constructed near Gulshan Chowk need to be repaired. “We will repair them under this year’s plan and hopefully they will be restored and made functional soon,” he said.