Development obstructed in J&K: NC

National Conference (NC) General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar Monday said that development of Jammu and Kashmir had been stymied due to the long spell of “bureaucratic rule”.

A statement of NC issued here said that speaking to the party functionaries after chairing a review meeting for the death anniversary programme of former NC General Secretary Sheikh Nazir, Sagar said, “The long spell of bureaucratic rule has stymied the entire region. The bureaucrats have no skin in the administration and are not subjected to the public wrath in wake of not rising up to the people’s expectations. The airdropped coterie of officials at the helm of power in J&K seems to care little about the issues concerning the people.”

He said that the “unrelated bureaucracy” look without seeing, listen without hearing and proclaim decisions, changing people’s lives without taking cognisance of the wishes and aspirations of the people.

“The failure to give impetus to the infra-projects, ineptitude to cope up with the aftermaths of the rampaging two successive lockdowns post August 5, 2019 has badly exposed the failures of the coterie having their hands at the helms of power in J&K. We only saw officials change their stripes and do photo-ops. The over centralization of the center in Jammu and Kashmir is ‘pushing one size for all’ kind of measures with little consideration of the people’s aspirations,” Sagar said.

Earlier, the issues concerning the people ranging from administrative inertia to development deficit also predominated the review meeting.