Digital X-ray machine at DH Handwara defunct, people suffer

The digital X-ray machine at the District Hospital Handwara is lying defunct for the last two weeks, giving a tough time to the patients.

Although a manual X-ray machine is available at the hospital, it does not show perfect results, forcing the patients to undergo X-ray tests at private clinics.

“My father met with a minor accident. As we brought him to this hospital, the doctors advised us to conduct an X-ray and informed us that the machine was not working here. I had to pay Rs 500 at a private clinic for the X-ray,” an attendant from Tarathpora, Handwara said.

Another attendant said that it was no fun having a district hospital if the hospital lacked basic equipment like a digital X-ray machine.

“We cannot afford tests at private clinics,” he said.

Medical Superintendent Dr Nisar Ahmad told Greater Kashmir that the digital X-ray machine had developed a snag due to which patients were suffering.

He said that the engineers were on the job and they would fix the problem within two days.

Dr Ahmad said that he approached the higher officials for two new digital X-ray machines which were sanctioned and would be installed by Saturday.

“Now the hospital will have three digital X-ray machines and the patients won’t suffer in the future,” he said.