Disengaged contractual demand continuation of service

Scores of teachers who were appointed in early 2018 held a protest Wednesday at Partap Park here, alleging authorities of disengaging their services in the middle of the ongoing academic session.

The teachers including females along with their children assembled at the park near the city center, holding placards that read “We want continuation” and raised slogans.

Around 1200 teachers were engaged last who were teaching in various primary, middle and high schools across the state.

The disengaged protesting teachers said that after the authorities gave them multiple extensions in the past they were abruptly disengaged on May 10, leaving them without livelihood.

“Over past few decades thousands of contractual teachers were appointed by DSEK (Director School Education Kashmir) as academic arrangement who were never disengaged rather they were regularized,” said Adil Gulzar, president of the association of contractual teachers.

“All we want from the government is our continuation because we have been left without livelihood in this holy month.”

The protesting teachers say that for now they only ask for their services to be continued and later they would accept any policy drawn for their benefit.

“By the mid-secession disengagement by authorities our families are suffering and so are studies of school children where we were serving,” Gulzar said.

The teachers say the current engagement was their only hope of livelihood, and threatened they would not allow anyone snatch it from them and drag their families on to the roads.

“Many of us are overage and have families to feed. This is total injustice to us, this has become a social issue for us as many female teaches are ready to settle in married life and abruptly their livelihood has been cut off,” said a protesting teacher Amina, adding that they were serving in most far-flung areas where no teacher was willing to go in the past.

The aggrieved teachers said that if their demands are not met they will start a hunger strike and will camp in the city centre till their demands are fulfilled.