Div Com reviews status of essential commodities

In view of preventing inclement weather conditions, frequent closure of Srinaga-Jammu highway and other issues, the divisional commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan today convened a meeting with all district development commissioners (DDCs) to review the status of essential commodities.

During the meeting, the Divisional Commissioner was informed that essential services are functioning smoothly in all the districts and the government employees are attending their duties properly.

All DCs were directed to ensure judicious distribution of ration as there is procedural requirement of advance stocking of ration for the month of March. He further elaborated that in view of the frequent closure of highway, availability of essential supplies is being ensured for public convenience especially in snow-bound areas.

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir informed the meeting that the rationing of petroleum products in the division has been ordered due to persistent closure of the Srinagar-Jammu highway. He said the order will be withdrawn as soon as the highway is fully restored and supplies are received.

Seeking their cooperation, Baseer Khan appealed the general public not to pay heed to rumors suggesting shortages or depletion of essentials as there is no truth in them.

“Don’t get panicky on the basis of unsubstantiated and exaggerated pieces of information which are in circulation. Avoid fear mongering,” he added.

The Divisional Commissioner directed all DCs to take strict action against rumor mongers.