DSEK engages students through 'innovative ideas'

The Directorate of School Education, Kashmir (DSEK) has come up with “innovative ideas” to keep school children, particularly specially-abled, engaged in their studies and other extra-curricular activities amid the ongoing lockdown.

Besides, the directorate has also started online counseling of the students to reduce their mental stress and keep them engaged with studies while being confined in their homes. The counseling also includes career guidance of students.

The DSEK has uploaded a framework on its website for the students, particularly those with special needs, during the lockdown period, wherein the children could be engage in various activities at home.

“Due to the Coronavirus threat, the home quarantine of the children has created extra burden for parents/caregivers of person with disability. We have compiled some suggestions to help parents to engage their children during quarantine period,” reads the framework. The framework has been prepared by National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities, department of social work.

As per the framework, the specially-abled students are engaged with drawing puzzles, shapes, crosswords and other extra-curricular activities.

“It helps to engage child in useful manner, improves child’s memory, attention, concentration, problem solving skill, processing speed or flexibility of thinking,” reads the framework.

In the framework, the parents have been advised to engage their kids in all forms of extra-curricular activities to keep them engaged and reduce their stress level during the prevailing situation.

The J&K government on March 12 ordered for suspension of classwork in all educational institutions in J&K in wake of COVID-19 outbreak. Later, the institutions were also closed for teachers following the nationwide lockdown announced by Government of India to avoid spread of the epidemic.

The DSEK has engaged experts from health department, UNICEF, IMHANS and career counselors for the career counselling and guidance of the students.

“Through this medium, students are provided with a Google format linked to the official website of the Directorate (www.dsek.nic.in) on which a student, a parent or a teacher writes his or her question,” an official said.

The students and their parents are engaged by the teachers and other counselors on WhatsApp groups to hold virtual interaction session with them.

“The platform has proved fruitful for the department as it is getting the huge response from the students,” the official said.