Editorial|The idea of childhood

Children are always looked at as the future of the human civilisation. It is through them that everything humans have attained till now will move on, and grow. That is the value of children to a human society. But at the same time it is a reality that children are the most vulnerable part of the society and they face many dangers that can actually ruin their lives. It is for this reason that extra care is taken to guard them, and also bring them up as safe and productive individuals. A careful analysis of the institutions of the society and the state reveals that most of it is an arrangement for safeguarding children. It is this importance of the children, and their vulnerability, that special arrangements are made to secure their future.

Even a hardcore thing like Law makes a difference between how to treat an adult and a juvenile even if the outward appearance of the act committed might be similar. That is why we have a fully fledged idea of Juvenile Justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of the children rather than penalising and punishing them. This part of the law has taken the form of multiple institutional arrangements that involves government officials and the civil society members. The Juvenile Justice Boards is an example of this.

This kind of arrangement is needed and those associated with these bodies must ensure that they perform to the optimum level and ensure that no child is spoiled because of some unusual circumstance hitting him. It is pertinent to mention here that we are witnessing, for past some decades, a situation that has adversely affected out children. While applying law on them these institutions will have to take a lead role and save the innocent lives from getting permanently damaged. It is good to know that at the time of releasing the magazine, Juveniles’ Fora by Juvenile Justice Board of Baramulla district some relevant cases were highlighted.

These case show that how some of the children underwent major transformation, and ended up being bread earners for their families. Such cases need to be highlighted more so that we have examples that inspire others.