Education Deptt, Bandipora admin fail to remove fallen Chinar from school for a-year-and-a-half

When Farheen, a 10th class student, visited her school after a year-and-a-half, she was shocked to see a fallen Chinar tree still lying dangerously on the school building.

“It makes us feel insecure,” said Farheen, visibly distraught at the state of affairs of the Department of School Education.

In November 2019, the untimely snowfall in Kashmir had uprooted the Chinar in the school premises.

The fall had damaged a classroom of the school and a part of the protection wall.

When the matter was last year taken up with the Education department, it expressed helplessness saying that it had been discussed with the higher-ups and that they had no authority to even touch the Chinar.

Though the COVID-19 lockdown triggered immediately after the winter vacations ended in 2020, the students did not get much time to attend the school.

On finding the Chinar still untouched and hanging over the school ground in the middle, hampering the movement, Farheen said, “I wasn’t expecting the Chinar to be still lying in the school dangerously. This is putting the lives of the students in danger.”

The officials of Bandipora district administration seem to have been trapped in the “administrative hurdles” in removing the fallen Chinar from the school compound for a-year-and-a-half.

Deputy Commissioner Bandipora, Owais Ahmad assured that the Chinar would be removed from the school premises in no time.

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