EJAC demands revocation of recent amendment in service rules

Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) has urged Jammu and Kashmir government to revoke the recent amendment in the Civil Services Rules, which it said is causing harm to the interest of government employees.

In a statement issued here, EJAC president, Fayaz Ahmad Shabnum, said that during Committee’s general council meeting various issues related to welfare of the employees especially the amendment in the civil service rules which allows the administration to retire government employees after completing 22 years of service or attaining 48 years of age, were discussed.

He added it was resolved that EJAC won’t sit silent over the issues regarding the welfare and safeguarding of the rights of the employees. He said that EJAC believes recent amendment can be misused by certain officials to suppress and harass the employees’ fraternity and can be abused by vested officials for their personal interests.