Employees appointed under SRO 202 to get regular monetary benefits

J&K government has asked employees appointed under SRO 202 to submit undertakings after their probation period was reduced to two years, to derive monetary benefits enjoyed by regular employees.

“In terms of Rules 13 of SRO 202 of 2015 of June 30, 2015, and SO 194 of 2020 of June 17, 2020, an employee appointed under these rules has to furnish an undertaking in such form as may be prescribed by the GAD that he agrees to the changes in terms of his appointment failing which he will continue to the governed by the original terms of his appointment,” reads a government order.

All the administrative departments have been requested to circulate the format of the undertaking devised for this purpose among employees appointed under SRO 202 in their departments. 

An official said the employees appointed under the SRO will now have two years of probation period and they will get all benefits including medical allowances, TA and DA.

As per the notification, SO-194 of 2020 of 17 June 2020, the government has amended the SRO, providing that the period of probation for the employees, who had already been appointed under the rules, shall be two years. However, the employee should be entitled to monetary benefit only with effect from June 1, 2020.