Employees posted in Ladakh must be transferred: EJAC

Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) has expressed deep concern over the employees of Jammu Kashmir still discharging their duties in various government departments in Ladakh.

In a statement, president, EJAC, Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam reiterated his appeal of transferring back the employees hailing from Jammu and Kashmir who are still serving in Ladakh.

He said that even though the employees hailing from Jammu Kashmir but posted in Ladakh have opted for Jammu Kashmir cadre in the option forms in October 2019 but still majority of them continue to be stuck in Ladakh. He added that it has been almost a year and yet the government is not taking any initiative of shifting them back from Ladakh to Jammu Kashmir.

Fayaz Ahmad Shabnam said that the employees of Jammu and Kashmir used to be transferred to Ladakh and back as per the regulated norms upon maturity or a longer stay but due to the present situation such transfers have ceased. “Furthermore the government issued order last year that the Jammu Kashmir based employees will be posted in JK and Ladakh based employees will be posted in Ladakh. However there are still hundreds of employees hailing from Jammu and Kashmir who are working in various departments in Ladakh and are suffering because of the continuous cold shoulder approach by the government”, he said.  He added that the current perilous situation further adds to their woes and predicaments.