Ensure power supply, ration availability, road connectivity: Congress tells Govt

File Photo of Ghulam Ahmad Mir

The Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) Wednesday sought redress of grievances of the people saying that the government had failed to ensure basic facilities to the people.

A statement of Congress issued here said that the government should lay emphasis on ensuring electricity, road connectivity, availability of ration and other required facilities to the people on a priority.

The statement said that a meeting of JKPCC presided over by JKPCC President Ghulam Ahmad Mir expressed serious concern over the difficulties confronting people due to the ongoing harsh winter. It said that despite repeated appeals, the supply of electricity had remained unsatisfactory while many important roads in extreme far-flung areas in south Kashmir, especially Anantnag and Kulgam were yet to be cleared.

“As a result, people are living a difficult life and want an end to their miseries,” the statement quoted the Congress members as speaking at the meeting.

The statement said that while addressing the meeting, JKPCC President G A Mir said that Congress feels duty-bound to work for the wellbeing of the people. “Congress is an instrument of service to the people and will continue to remain at the forefront to highlight the genuine needs concerning the people for their resolution,” he said in the statement.

Referring to the current situation, the JKPCC President said, “The situation in the country is different now as the democratic institutions are under the threat. The saner voices are being muzzled by the BJP and its offshoots, which is a matter of serious concern.”

The Congress statement said that Mir rued and pledged to defeat such mindset sternly.

“It is the duty of every right-thinking person to raise his or her voice against these undemocratic policies to ensure that there is no damage to the very foundations of the country,” Mir said. “Congress has strengthened the democratic set up of the country ad it will continue to work in that direction despite the coercion and other pressure tactics by the ruling BJP.”

Urging the Government of India to start the developmental process in J&K, Mir said it had come to a standstill since BJP assumed power at New Delhi.

“Mere claims and running paper horses with regard to the wellbeing of the people and development of J&K won’t serve any purpose,” Mir said in the statement. “There is a need to address the developmental issues, rising unemployment and other major issues concerning the people.”