Er Rashid seeks package for Karnah cloudburst victims

Er Rashid seeks package for Karnah cloudburst victims

President of Awami Ithad Party and independent MLA Er Rashid on Wednesday urged the government to rehabilitate the cloudburst effected families and traders of Karnah on pattern of Ladakh cloudburst victims. 

In a statement here an AIP spokesman said that Er Rashid accompanied by other party leaders visited Tanghdar today and took stock of the situation. “While roads, electricity and water supply has been badly damaged in entire Tanghdar and Bagh Bela areas, dozens of traders have been rendered helpless and are now left at the mercy of the administration. The destruction and devastation caused by the cloudburst is huge and needs immediate remedy. Scores of residential houses have also been damaged and the property worth crores has been destroyed,” the AIP spokesman quoted Er Rashid as having said. 

“Traders running wholesale and retail business in the entire market deserve immediate relief and rehabilitation as their goods along with the shops have been damaged in totality,” he said.

“Due to carelessness of Beacon authorities the devastations is huge. Even a layman could have advised Beacon authorities to take care of HFL (Highest Flood Level) and due to the low height of abutments on all the bridges and culverts over the road and the nallah, flow of flood got chocked due to sudden cloudburst which resulted in huge damage,” Er Rashid said.

He demanded that Beacon should construct  a few culverts, to ensure proper flow of water.