Expedite response to snowfall exigencies: NC

National Conference (NC) Tuesday impressed upon the divisional administration to expedite its response to the problems which had surfaced in wake of the heavy snowfall across Kashmir.

A joint statement of NCs district presidents and constituency incharges impressed upon the administration to clear all the major arterials and inter-district roads on a priority basis.

The statement said that they also impressed upon the divisional administration to take stock of the availability of necessary edibles including LPG, kerosene oil, and other household items in far-flung areas and upper reaches of Kashmir division.

The functionaries also impressed upon the concerned departments to restore water and electricity supply across Kashmir on an immediate basis.

“Redress of the problems like power-outages, water shortage, road clearance, dewatering and ensuring availability of food items should be high on the addenda of divisional administration. We hope that the administration will speed up its response effectively to ensure that people don’t have to undergo any predicaments. In addition to that, it is expected from the administration to ensure accountability in primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare centers across Kashmir,” they said in the statement. “The shortage of drinking water, power outages, and non-availability of essentials like LPG, vegetables, and other food items was severely being felt in far-flung areas.  Compounding the unforeseen problems is the absence of ground staffers of all concerned departments on the ground. The administration should bump up its efforts in order to ensure that people are not at the receiving end.”