Family alleges medical negligence in death of neonate at SDH Sopore

Ejaz-ul-haq Bhat
Watlab, Publish Date: Aug 21 2017 12:40AM | Updated Date: Aug 21 2017 12:40AM
Family alleges medical negligence in death of neonate at SDH Sopore

Almost a week after the death of a neonate due to the alleged medical negligence by the doctors at sub-district hospital Sopore on August 10, the family members of the deceased have demanded action against the erring doctors.

Rubeena, the mother, who is yet to come to terms, demanded action against the doctors whose alleged medical negligence has become the reason for the death of her child. Rubeena, according to the family members, had given birth to the male baby “normally” on August 10 at SDH Sopore.

Rubeena lying on a bed at her home in Watlab area of Sopore, said her new born child died of the “medical negligence” allegedly by a lady surgeon and paediatrician at the hospital.

“On the morning of August 10, Thursday, I was admitted in SDH Sopore as I was suffering from acute labour pain. At around 1 pm, I was given some injections to induce my labour pain by the doctors at the hospital. Then I was shifted to a ward in the first floor of the hospital where three lady doctors tied my hands and legs with the help of medical assistants,” she said with tears rolling down her face.

She said that though she gave birth to her child normally without any surgery, “the doctors used a vacuum extractor to force the birth of the child.”

“They had tied my hands and legs. As I was screaming due to pain they put some tablets in my mouth and I felt numb. After that I could only see my child in their hands who was not moving,” she said.

Farida, sister of Rubeena who had accompanied her sister to SDH Sopore on August 10 said her sister gave birth to the child normally and the child too was healthy in the hospital but “moments after his birth, the doctors asked us to shift the child to GB Pant hospital in Srinagar.”

 “The doctors said that the baby is normal but you need to shift him as a precautionary measure. A paediatrician was in the hospital who without examining the child asked us to shift him,” said Farida.

“When we reached GB Pant hospital in the evening, the doctors there asked us whether the baby had been normally delivered. When we nodded, they removed the cap from baby’s head and showed us injury marks on his head.”

“The baby had got severe head injuries during the delivery and the doctors said that he will not survive. Moments later, he breathed his last,” said Farida.

She alleged that the doctors at SDH Sopore “murdered the child by their negligence and they have to be answerable for it.”

However, this is not the only case, SDH Sopore has witnessed during past one week.

Irfan Ahmad of Sopore had to face a similar situation on August 15 when her wife gave birth to a baby at SDH Sopore. “Had I not acted on time I would have also lost my child owing to the negligence of doctors in the hospital,” Irfan said.

Irfan said that from 12 to 15 Augusts her wife was admitted at SDH Sopore and she gave birth to a baby boy on 15 August. “Moments after the birth my child showed some complications. I then went to see the paediatrician in the hospital with my baby in my lap, but none of the doctors showed any interest to examine the child. I went from pillar to post to get my baby examined in the hospital but none of the paediatricians turned up,” he said.

He said that he then shifted his child to Baramulla district hospital where doctors after examining him said “the child has 16.2 jaundice” and if he had not shifted his child to DH Baramulla in time, “the baby would have died.”

When contacted, block medical officer Sopore, Dr Sami said the baby “did not die of medical negligence” as the baby had developed “some complications and he died because of that.”

“On that day we had 13 deliveries in the hospital out of which unfortunately one baby died that too due to some complications that the baby had developed and not due to the negligence. Negligence would have been when doctors would not have been present but the surgeon, gynaecologist and paediatrician were there on that day,” he said.

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