Farooq Abdullah pays tributes to Alama Iqbal

National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah on Monday paid tributes to Sir Muhammad Iqbal on the Iqbal Day.

While paying tributes to Sir Muhammad Iqbal on his birth anniversary, he said Allama Iqbal was a great philosophical poet and thinker. “Sher-e-Kashmir had a long association with the celebrated poet and both were concerned about the apathetic condition of Kashmiris. Allama Iqbal’s political viewpoint was centered on reforming Muslim societies and it was this vision, along with the concept of higher self that became a source of inspiration for Sher-e-Kashmir who took it upon himself to transform the fate of wretched people of Jammu and Kashmir from despondency to opulence with land to tiller reforms, abolition of big landed estates, gender neutral voting rights, free education, women’s emancipation, universal adult franchise, and other sleuth of measures,” he said.

The party General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar, and other leaders including Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, Nasir Aslam Wani and spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar also paid tributes to the Dr Iqbal on his birth anniversary, describing him as an icon for the generations to come.