Farooq, Omar greet people on Urs of Hazrat Baha-Ud-Din Naqshband (RA)

Farooq, Omar greet people on Urs of Hazrat Baha-Ud-Din Naqshband (RA)
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National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah and Vice President, Omar Abdullah on Tuesday extended greetings to people on the Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Baha-Ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari (RA).

"Sufism has been the main stay of Kashmiri culture and ethos for centuries, role of teachings of Sufis like Hazrat Naqshband Bukhari (RA) in shaping the socio-cultural milieu of Kashmir was immense," said Abdullah while greeting people on the annual Urs "The love and reverence for Sufis is entrenched in the hearts of people of Jammu and Kashmir. Ours is a society that has been fashioned by the teachings of great Sufis, sages and mystics," he said. He said people should make it a point to introduce new generation to the life and teachings of such great seers.

Omar said Sufis like Hazrat Naqshband (RA) on account of their sincerity and God consciousness won hearts of people of Kashmir.

"The message of Sufis was that of love, compassion, humility and humanity. Sufism has been the cornerstone of Kashmiri culture and ethos. I pray that the auspicious day strengthens the bonds of brotherhood in J&K," he said.

Other party leaders including Sheikh Mustufa Kamal, Nasir Aslam Wani, Muhammad Syed Akhoon, Peer Afaq, Imran Nabi Dar and Salman Ali Sagar also extended warm greetings to the people on the annual Urs observance.

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