Fill Assistant Professor Kashmiri posts in Higher Education deptt: JKPM

General secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM)  Shehla Rashid Shora has expressed deep concern over the manner in which candidates for Assistant Professorship in Kashmiri language are being discriminated against.

In a statement she said, “In 2017, JKPSC had announced 49 posts each for Kashmiri and Dogri, and 25 posts for Punjabi, the cut-off for which was fixed at 55% for open category and at 45% for reserved categories. In March, 2019, the recruiting authority conducted interviews for Dogri and Punjabi. Curiously, all the selected candidates for Dogri and Punjabi were awarded full marks in viva-voice and demo! After this, the JKPSC retrospectively lowered the cut-off to 50% for open category and 40% for reserved categories on 5th April, 2019. After that, the interviews for Kashmiri were held from 28th to 30th May, 2019. In a sharp contrast to the full marks awarded to all Dogri and Punjabi candidates, the candidates for Kashmiri language were awarded very low marks in vice-voice and demo. Candidates having years of teaching experience were awarded zero in demo, and candidates with several publications were also awarded very low marks in the viva-voice. This openly reeks of discrimination, and it is a brazen attempt to keep the posts in Kashmiri language vacant.”

She said, “On 20th June, JKPSC announced the results of the recruitment process and, as expected, 23 out of the 49 posts advertised for Assistant Professor (Kashmiri) were declared vacant. It is worth noting that the interviews for Dogri and Punjabi were held before the cut-offs were lowered, resulting in higher marks being awarded to them, as the marks were awarded on a higher scale (as per 55% cut off). All the candidates for Dogri and Punjabi were, for example, awarded full marks in viva voice and demo. By contrast, the interviews for Kashmiri were held after the lowering of the cut-off, resulting in lower marks being awarded for Kashmiri as these were awarded according to a lower scale (as per 50% cut-off). As a result, 23 out of 49 posts for Assistant Professor (Kashmiri) remained vacant, even though there are numerous suitable candidates. JKPM demands that all the posts for Assistant Professorship in Kashmiri language should be filled and the cut-off lowered further in order to accommodate otherwise eligible candidates, as the precedent for lowering the cut-off has been set by JKPSC itself.”