Fire breaks out in J&K Bank Drugmulla branch

A fire broke out in J&K Bank Drugmulla branch early Sunday morning.

Sources said some passersby in the early morning noticed the flames inside the branch located in the main market Drugmulla and informed the local fire and service station.

“With the help of locals, we were able to douse the flames which restricted the damage to the structure,” said an official of Fire and Emergency service.

“Short circuit is believed to be the cause of fire but the timely intervention of the locals and the firemen saved the records. The structure has suffered a minor damage,” said Police Chowki officer Drugmulla Zahoor Ahmad.

He said that besides structure, the entire network system of CCTV, UPS, Battery Bank, Intercom and other electronic gadgets were damaged in the blaze, “The chest and record room are completely safe,” said Zahoor Ahmad.

“The entire network is damaged and we have shifted the working systems to the next floor so that the branch will continue its functioning from tomorrow,” said Branch Manager Hilal Ahmad adding.