G H Mir addresses sarpanchs, panchs at Tangmarg

Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president Ghulam Hassan Mir today said the grass-root democracy was the essence of democratic set up.

“However, this institution in Jammu and Kashmir has always been neglected. The role of Panchayat institution is to reach out at grass root level,” Mir said while addressing a meeting of Sarpanchs and Panchs here in north Kashmir.

He said, “The development process at grass root level is not possible without this institution. Panchayat system cannot become vibrant and potentially effective until all three levels i.e Panchayat ‘Block and District levels are functional.”

“Panchs and Sarpanchs are to be educated with the functions of the system. There are some important functionaries who put hurdles in the working of this institution, Mir said, urging the government to strengthen this institution.