Govt decision to retire employees after 22 years service draconian: Tarigami

Senior CPI-M leader MY Tarigami said on Friday the J&K administration’s recent notification to acquire powers to retire government employees at 48 years of age or after completing 22 years of service was “draconian” and against interests of lakhs of employees.

He said the notification was aimed to keep employees under pressure which was bound to cause insecurity among them. “It would serve as a tool for government and bureaucrats to suppress their subordinates. A sword of uncertainty has been kept on the heads of employees which can also be exploited by their superiors,” he said.

Tarigami said there were already several laws to govern employees and what was the need to issue “such a draconian law.” “The objective of such laws is only to prevent employees’ Unions from raising their voice against the anti-employee policies of the government and the management,” he said.

Tarigami said the BJP government has already withdrawn several rights of workers by suspending labour laws, in several BJP ruled states. He said the three labour laws passed in the Parliament constitute a grave assault on the working class of the country.

“The government has rammed through these three anti-worker bills by muzzling Parliament during the pandemic period. The central government is going ahead with implementation of pro-corporate and anti-working class neo-liberal reforms in an aggressive manner,” he said. “All these measures have deepened the anger and discontentment among the ranks of employees.”

Tarigami said different platforms of trade Unions and employees federations in the country have decided to go far general strike on November 26 for their demands.

“We appeal to the trade Union movement of the country to enlist the demand for scraping of this draconian SRO in their demand charter also,” he said.