Govt fails to act as teachers man non-teaching jobs in offices

Greater Kashmir

The school education department seems to be have got stuck in the detachment of teachers from offices who are manning non-teaching jobs in various offices of the education department.

The teachers are either working as data entry operators or doing other clerical jobs at zonal education offices or in the offices of chief education officers.

Greater Kashmir has carried a series of story on unnecessary attachment of teachers in offices for years together due to which the school face dearth of teaching staff which tells upon the academic performance of the students.

Recently, the advisor to Governor, Farooq Ahmad Khan while chairing a review meeting of school education department sought details of the teachers deputed in offices.

In wake of this, the director school education Kashmir (DSEK) issued a circular to the chief education officers (CEOs) directing them to relieve all the teaching staff from their offices and zonal education offices as well.

However, this is not the first time when a circular has been issued for detachment of teachers from offices but such circulars were issued in past as well but witnessed poor implementation on ground.

Only last year, the then DSEK issued four circular directing CEOs and ZEOs to relieve the teaching staff from offices. However, the CEOs didn’t implement the orders under the pretext of one or the other reason.

Given the present situation in the department, some teachers are working in offices from past more than seven to eight years and have never taught a single student in school which is their actual place of posting. These teachers manage to stay away from school with the support from higher ups in the department.

“The CEOs give an excuse that these teachers are computer knowing and their removal from offices will affect the work culture. The excuse prompted authorities to be lenient in getting the orders implemented,” an official in civil secretariat said.

However, all these teachers who are posted in offices for years together are close either relatives of bureaucrats or have patronage of higher level officials.

“These teachers prefer to be in offices than teaching students in schools. These teachers in offices develop bossy nature while handling office works and later become adamant against joining back their schools,” the official said.

Another reason for deployment of teachers in offices is that the successive regimes have failed to re-organise the non-teaching and ministerial staff in the department since 1989.

A senior official in civil secretariat, who is privy to the development, said almost all the non-teaching posts were vacant in CEO and ZEOs offices which has now led to crises in the department.

“This is the reason we are left with no option than to continue with the practice of deputing teachers in offices. It is also true that some teachers preferably manage to get deputed to offices then teaching in schools,” the official said.

The official said the department should fill the vacant posts in CEO and ZEO offices which will avoid deputation of teachers from schools.

“If the offices get adequate non-teaching staff then the teachers will continue to work in schools and focus on academics of student,” the official said.

Director School Education Kashmir (DSEK) Muhammad Younis Malik said all the CEOs have relieved the teaching staff from their offices.

“The detachment of teachers has been certified from CEOs as well. We have government directions so relieve teachers from offices so the orders have to be implemented in letter and spirit,” he said.