Govt initiates process to detach academicians from offices

Greater Kashmir

The J&K government has once again initiated the process of detachment of all the teachers, masters and lecturers attached or deployed in various offices at zonal or district level.

The move comes in the wake of the dearth of teaching staff in schools which has taken a toll on the academic standards of the government schools.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Administrative Secretary School Education Department B K Singh said the government was considering detaching all the academicians from the offices and directing them to join their original places of posting.

“We are considering it and have asked the officials to put up the file for approval,” Singh said.

An official said that the government received complaints that a good number of academicians were deployed in various offices through various orders, which had taken a toll on the academic activities of the students in the schools.

“The government has viewed this act seriously and initiated the process for detachment of all the academicians which include teachers, masters, lecturers, senior lecturers and principals from the offices,” the official said.

He said all the academicians and teaching staff attached in various offices and institutions would be soon detached and instructed to report to their original places of postings.

As already reported by Greater Kashmir, the government has issued several orders and circulars from time-to-time for detachment of all academicians from the offices in order to overcome the dearth of teaching staff in schools and also improve the academic standards.

But the orders are not implemented in letter and spirit on the ground as the academicians continue to work in offices instead of schools.

“Due to the poor implementation of the detachment orders, the government repeatedly issues such orders. The CEOs and ZEOs shield some influential teachers, masters and lecturers working in offices for their own reasons. Resultantly, the academic activities in schools get adversely hit,” a top official said.

Since 2018 the government has struggled to discourage the practice of attachment and deployment of teachers in CEO and ZEO offices and utilise their services in schools to strengthen the academic standards.

“But there is no end to this mess because most of the CEOs and ZEOs deliberately deploy these teachers in offices. At times the deployment is done by CEOs and ZEOs on verbal directions without intimating the higher ups,” the official said.

The academicians are not only deployed in CEO and ZEO offices but also in various sections of the Directorate of School Education.

“The teachers, masters and lecturers are adjusted in directorates for a prolonged period of time. Even ReTs who are not entitled for any transfers from their schools are enjoying prolonged stint in various offices,” an official said adding that such teachers continue to remain attached in offices despite repeated instructions to the DDOs not to draw the salary of any attached academicians and teaching staff till they join their original places of posting.

Meanwhile, the administrative secretary said that the government would ensure that the order was implemented in letter and spirit. “We have not issued the order yet. Once it is issued, we will ensure that it is implemented on the ground,” B K Singh said.