Govt to seek 'audit reports' from private schools

J&K government shall seek “audited reports” on fee structure and student enrollment in private schools. The move comes in the wake of complaints regarding non-payment of salaries to the teachers in these institutions.

The school education department has received complaints from the teachers saying that their salaries for past many months have either been withheld or slashed by 50 percent.

Principal Secretary, SED, Asgar Samoon said that such complaints are frequently pouring in. “Even some of the schools have terminated their teaching staff without any notice despite the ongoing pandemic,” Samoon said.

He said the government will seek audited reports on fee structure, student enrollment and salaries paid to the teachers from August 2019 till date.

Most of the private schools have refused salary or terminated services of their teachers despite government directions not to withhold the salaries for the covid19 lockdown period.

“We are not allowed to raise our voice against the injustice done to us. Anyone who demands salary or raises voice for it is shown the exit,” a teacher said.

“As per the fee structure of majority of private schools, the teachers should be paid more than Rs 15000 to Rs 20000 but ironically most of the teachers are paid Rs 7000 to Rs 8000 per month despite taking six to seven classes a day,” a teacher said, adding that only few schools which comprise not more than two percent of the total private schools pay above Rs 20000 or Rs 30000 salary to a teacher.

Samoon said the department has already received the complaints and action will be taken to address the genuine grievances of the private school teachers.