Gulmarg Gondola hit by fake ticket scam

Gulmarg Gondola hit by fake ticket scam

After thorough investigation it was found that those tickets recovered by our employees were fake, nobody knows how long this scam has been going on

A hi-tech scam has been unearthed in Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation where fake computerized Gondola tickets were being generated thereby eating into the revenue of the corporation.

The fake ticket scam is believed to be going for a long time. Sources informed Greater Kashmir that the scam shook the entire management of the corporation as it is not possible to generate fake computerized tickets without the help of insiders and IT experts in the corporation.

The Gondola tickets are computer generated and have a unique bar code number which is generated by a server placed outside the state. Usually around 1000 tickets are issued in a day by the corporation, the ID of all these 1000 tickets is transmitted to bar code machine installed at the entrance of Gulmarg Gondola, they said.

“Any person who buys the ticket cannot enter the Gondola unless the barcode machine reads the unique ID code and matches it with its feed which is generated and stored in the server only after the machine finds the unique code on the ticket as genuine,” they said.

However, a few days back officials of JKCCC spotted tickets which were claimed by visitors to be of cheaper price. “The passengers boarded Gondola with those tickets, but the vigilant employees asked them to handover the used tickets. The cheap price of tickets became suspicious and they cross examined the tickets, which led to the unearthing of the scam.”

“The bar code number on fake tickets was fed to server, but it had no trace on the bank details of the corporation,” sources said, adding that the payment of genuine tickets is transferred through internet gateway to the bank account of the corporation.

“After thorough investigation it was found that those tickets recovered by our employees were fake, nobody knows how long this scam has been going on,” stated a senior JKCCC official.

“It is a huge scam as the corporation has a huge business in selling Gondola tickets. We don’t know how many fake tickets were being sold each day and how long this scam has been going on,” he said adding that it seems the corporation revenue has been siphoned by insiders by way of selling fake tickets.

“These tickets are fraudulently generated by insiders who have full knowledge of the system otherwise it is not possible for outsiders to feed the number in the server,” he said.

It is further believed that after these fake tickets were used, their unique ID was being deleted from the system so that there is no trace left on the system.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Managing Director JKCCC, Nazir Ahmad Mir said, “We have already ordered a high level probe into the matter, as it seems to be an inside job,” adding that they have already got clues about the persons involved in the scam and in coming days “we will take strict action against them.”

He said that the corporation would also reform the system so that these kinds of frauds are not repeated in future.