Hakeem Yaseen concerned over spike in COVID cases

Chairman Peoples Democratic Front Hakeem Yaseen on Saturday expressed concern over spike in COVId19 cases and deaths in Kashmir.

In a statement, Yaseen said Coronavirus was spreading at an alarming level in Kashmir with Srinagar having highest number of deaths.

“The administration should not jump in haste to ease lockdown restrictions,” he said.

He said daily death rate in Kashmir due to the infection has crossed 250 and the bed capacity in hospitals was stated to have almost exhausted.

Yaseen said the government should take note of the grim situation arising out of the pandemic and not ease out lockdown restrictions without taking health experts on board.

He said people were “habitual of ignoring recommended precautions” which was one of the main causes for surge in the cases and deaths due to the coronavirus. “So onus lies on government to strictly enforce health advisories to protect people from coronavirus,” Yaseen said.