Hakeem Yaseen seeks shifting of Darbar to Srinagar

Chairman Peoples Democratic Front Hakeem Yaseen on Tuesday demanded  shifting of all move offices including civil secretariat and Lieutenant Governor’s secretariat to Srinagar, as part of the bi-annual Darbar Move.

In a statement, Yaseen while demanding shifting of all Darbar Move offices to Srinagar said that any move to defer the Darbar would not be in the interest of the people of the state.

He said now that the restrictions imposed in the wake of coronovirus lockdown were being eased away gradually, the government should shift all the move offices to Srinagar without any delay.

He said any move to defer Darbar on the pretext of COVID19 would cause disenchantment among people of Kashmir.

He said while temporary deferment of the scheduled bi-annual Darbar to Srinagar because of the COVID19 crisis was unavoidable, but delaying it further shall mean depriving people of Kashmir of their right to effective governance.

He said the lockdown across the country has been eased out and business and developmental activities too have started, and hence there was no reason why the Darbar could not be shifted to Srinagar to meet the emerging administrative and developmental aspirations of people.

He said there were social, economical, political and emotional aspirations of the people of both Jammu and Kashmir regions, attached with the decades long practice of Darbar move, adding the Governor should order shifting of all Move offices to Srinagar without any further delay.

He said the practice of Darbar Move from several decades has become a strong means of mutual bond between people of two regions, adding that uncalled-for delay in Darbar Move to Srinagar would unnecessarily create a psychological gap between them.