Haven't been told about JKAP's role in Advisory Council by Centre: GH Mir

File Photo of Gh Hassan Mir

Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party senior leader Ghulam Hassan Mir Tuesday said they have not been officially informed about the Advisory council formation by the government.

Putting speculation of the JKAP leaders nominated for the Council by government of India to rest, Mir said these are just rumours.

“Reality is that we have no information about this. It is just a rumour. How government of India wants to run affairs here, we cannot say anything about it. No one has given us any offer and whenever such offer is made, party will take a decision,” Mir said.

About some probable names of some leaders who would be part of the Council, Mir said, “I can’t say about that. How they want to run it, it is the prerogative of the government of India.”

He said when it will officially come into their notice then only the party will react.

Some reports about some JKAP leaders and equal number of BJP leaders being made part of the Council is doing rounds on social media.

However the APNI party, the BJP and the government of India has maintained silence on the issue.