He hid from his family that I was pregnant: Mahnaz

He hid from his family that I was pregnant: Mahnaz

Then he informs them that he is withdrawing his wife’s sponsorship and has no issues if she isn’t given further visa extension.

Abdullah Danish Shervani, the University of Kashmir official who has earned a bad name for himself in society when his wife disclosed to the media how he had been beating and torturing her for the last few years, has been lobbying, with a dogged persistence, with the government of India for having the visa of his Pakistan-born wife revoked.

Abdullah, it seems, has left no stone unturned to have his wife sent back to Karachi. Greater Kashmir is in possession of documents that reveal how he wrote to the government of India and the University of Kashmir, pleading with them that since his wife was “an illegal immigrant she should be evicted as soon as possible.’

He has not fought shy of labeling his wife as having some sinister design against India. One of the letter reads, “Interestingly, the university property in the shape of my official accommodation is being used as a meeting ground for all such anti-national and anti- social elements to discuss such anti- national moves under the nose of universities senior officers and officials and this is being intentionally ignored.”

Then he informs them that he is withdrawing his wife’s sponsorship and has no issues if she isn’t given further visa extension.

The letter further states, “I being her (Mahnaz Siddique) sponsor in India as husband, would like to inform that I have considered that I hereby withdraw any sponsorship and as such don’t endorse her aforementioned application. I don’t have any objection if she is not granted extension in her stay in India beyond 30.08. 2016.”

Interestingly, after writing to the government that his wife should not be granted a visa extension and should be deported from Kashmir, the CID came to investigate the matter and found that things are fine between the two and Mahnaz was expecting her third child from Danish.

 “If he says that he has divorced me and wants me to leave Kashmir, then why did he make me pregnant? Since 2016 he has been writing to government to deport me, then how did I conceive in 2017,” says Mahnaz. Adding: “He kept it hidden from his family that I am pregnant. He used to beat me up and the result was when I gave birth to the child he was not normal and survived only for a month.

“When I was expecting my third child, Danish forced me to go for abortion, but I didn’t agree,” Mahnaz says, “He fought with me and ultimately the matter was handed over to a committee headed by the professors at the universities.” 

Danish didn’t like that the family dispute has become public and wrote a two page letter to Mahnaz asking her to mend ways and not do anything against her husband’s will.

The letter reads, “She will offer a public apology for all the actions she has been doing including maligning my image in public, in university and especially among my relatives. Neither Mahnaz nor kids will ever go to Pakistan or have any contact with her parents.”

Mahnaz, the letter reads, will neither use internet nor will she have any social media contact. She will also not use any smart phone. She will be a faithful housewife and raise kids. Following the abuse by the husband and his repeated attempts to stop her visa extension, Mahnaz wrote to senior officials in the ministry and described her ordeal. 

But her suffering went on. And last week, when Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was on a visit to Kashmir, he tweeted exhorting Singh as well the minister of external affairs, Sushma Swaraj, to have his wife’s Indian Visa revoked.

When nothing worked for Danish, who in one of the letters to a government official writes he is a proud citizen of the Republic of India from the State of Jammu and Kashmir and belongs to the famous Mohammad Maqbool Shervani’s family of Baramulla, he branded his wife as an anti-national who celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day and hoists Pakistani flag in the university campus and also has links with the separatists.

In one of the letters he writes to the university officials, where Mahnaz is staying with her two children- Mohammad (7) and Ayesha (5), Danish writes, “My wife has been helped by various separatists organizations clandestinely and her legal battles are being fought free of charge by pro- Pakistani lawyers.”

Mahnaz alleged her husband has made consistent “attempts to stop her Indian citizenship”. The beleaguered Pakistani woman now fears for her own life and the safety of her two children, aged seven and five.