Hurriyat concerned over exploitation of natural resources in Kashmir

Hurriyat Conference (M) on Friday took expectation to the move by the authorities to exploit natural resources in J&K and render locals jobless.

In a statement, the Hurriyat said for the first time, authorities have ensured that the contracts for mineral blocks in every district of J&K were given to non-local contractors by opening up the bidding process to them.

“Through an e-auction process hundreds of sand blocks along the river Jhelum and its tributaries that used to be given to locals against a royalty to the government, have been given to non-locals. This process has rendered thousands of people associated with sand digging completely jobless,” said the statement.

It said hundreds of families directly or indirectly connected with the activity since decades for earning their livelihood have been snatched of the livelihood.

“This is anti-human and undemocratic to say the least,” said the statement.

The Hurriyat reiterated that “such tactics will not change the basic reality of Kashmir issue and the need for its resolution.”