If no minority will be affected by CAA, why keep Muslims out of it: Chidambaram to Shah

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Senior Congress leader P Chidambram on Sunday hit out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for his comments that no one from the minority community will be affected by amended Citizenship Act and asked why then was the community excluded from the law in the first place.

Addressing a rally in Kolkata, Shah assured people of the minority community that not a single person will lose citizenship due to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“The Home Minister says that no minority will be affected by CAA. If this is correct, they should tell the country who would be affected by CAA. If no one would be affected by CAA, as it currently is, why did the government pass the law?

“If the CAA aims to benefit all minorities (no one will be affected, says HM), then why are Muslims excluded from the list of minorities mentioned in the Act?,” the former finance minister asked in a post on Twitter.

At his first public rally in Kolkata after the 2019 general elections, Shah said, “The opposition is terrorising the minorities. I assure every person from the minority community that the CAA only provides citizenship, does not take it away. It won’t affect your citizenship.” “The opposition parties are spreading canards that refugees will have to show papers but this is absolutely false. You don’t have to show any paper. We will not stop until all refugees are granted citizenship,” Shah told the public.