IIT Kharagpur alumnus develop FILO app

Imbesat Ahmad, IIT Kharagpur alumnus has developed FILO, an app which enables JEE/NEET aspirants to get answers to any questions related to their subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) in real time from experts over a video call for free.

These experts are a team of undergrads from best institutions like IITs, NITs, Medical colleges and some professionals.

Filo is available on play store at https://rb.gy/vuphs4. Filo is very time efficient, saves 400 percent more time than any other platform, works very well on 2G. The tutors are from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT Dhanbad, IIT Guwahati, DTU, NIT Srinagar, GMC, Nilratan Sircar Medical College, Kolkata.

There is a team of three IITians from Srinagar who are co-ordinators of Filo, Muhammad Athar and Faisal Rafiq from IIT Kharagpur and Huzaib Ul Hassan from IIT Roorkee, working online to develop and manage the entire supply chain of the process to give a smooth experience to all the students and tutors on the app and they are subject specialists on Filo as well.