Inmates question methods followed in quarantine

Amid coronavirus spread, inmates in quarantine centres in Kashmir question the methods being adopted by the health authorities in these centres.

Shahid Abdullah Bhat, who is in a quarantine centre said, “We (he and others with him) were told to get down from the cab for screening. They took us to a shabby centre and locked the doors. The centre has mud flooring and we just have roof on our heads without the sidewalls.

“People in hundreds are lying on the mattresses in this centre, which smell so bad. We are feeling sick here and have not eaten anything for days altogether.

“My aunt slipped in the washroom and got a fracture. We begged them for the medicines but they denied it, saying they don’t have any supply in the centre.”

Many other people who are in quarantine in Kashmir echoed Bhat. “I am in a hotel for four days and we have been given rooms on double sharing. However, all of us eat, drink and stay together in the three storey building. Doctors don’t come here for our check up. They call us and ask us about our wellbeing over phone,” said Muhammad RagibBhat, a student with travel history from Bangladesh.

“Four days ago a man appeared and sprayed disinfectant in the hotel and since then we did not see him again. We don’t have sanitizers and other essential items here. We all are sharing washrooms,” he said.

A student on condition of anonymity said: “I was put in isolation in a reputed hospital in Delhi where I shared the room with four people. All of us were waiting for the blood sample test. We all shared one room and used a common washroom. If just one patient would have tested positive for coronavirus, we all would have been infected. Same is the case with isolation wards in Kashmir.”

She said the authorities should also follow the rule of social distancing by providing separate rooms and washrooms to the people in isolation. “It would minimize the risk of getting the virus and would serve the purpose of being in isolation,” she said.

When contacted, DC Srinagar Shahid Choudhary said he will talk to the officials concerned and would surely do his best to help people during this pandemic.