Inter-ministerial team to assess flood damage

Greater Kashmir

New Delhi, Oct 20: An inter-ministerial team, comprising representatives of various ministries today left for Jammu and Kashmir to assess the damage caused by the recent floods in the state.
Headed by Joint Secretary in the Home Ministry Gopal Reddy, the team will visit flood affected areas in Jammu region and Kashmir to get first hand information about the damage caused by the devastating floods that hit the state last month.
The delegation comprising officials of Home, Finance, Agriculture, Rural Development ministries will meet the state government officials, affected people to collect information about the damage caused to dwellings, crops, livestock, roads, bridges, embankments and other government properties, official sources said.
Floods have resulted in the loss of 285 lives. According to official estimates, 3.5 lakh houses have been affected of which 95,000 have collapsed. This and other damages have impacted on some 25 Assembly constituencies including eight in Srinagar city.