Involve welfare organizations in fight against Covid-19: Qayoom Wani

Former Employees Joint Action Committee President and social activist, Qayoom Wani on Thursday urged the government to issue guidelines for involving the welfare organsiation in fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement, Wani urged people to take the lockdown seriously and stay home. He said while on one side the priority was to adhere strictly to the lockdown and stay indoors but on the other hand the learned sections of the community viz welfare organization, volunteers, employees ,teachers and Molvies have to come forward to meet other challenges to fight Covid-19.

Wani appealed welfare organizations and volunteers to get ready for the challenge saying the coming times were going to be tough which needs to be fought jointly. He said aprt from the preparations by the government the civil society needs to join hands in combating the emerging challenges of health, poverty and rehabilitation of the needy.

“Kashmiri welfare/religious organizations individual volunteers, teachers and employees have set examples of bravery and devotion in the past, be it flood/earthquake or other crises, but today is a more peculiar and tough challenge,” he said.

He said following the health advisories strictly was the need of the hour. “The welfare organizations and volunteers need to devise strategies to fight this war together so that nobody sleeps hungry or without a medicine, if he is in need,” said Wani.

He also condoled the demise of a Srinagar man who had tested positive for Covid-19 and died this morning.