Is Anybody Listening?

Every time there is a rainfall, the Badipora-Nagam road turns into a cesspool as authorities have failed to repair the existing drainage system. The rainfall causes the defunct drainage system to overflow, resulting in water-logging and forces people to stay indoors.

The authorities concerned have also failed to repair the Badipora-Nagam road for the last more than four years. The road is in a shambles making it difficult to travel on this stretch. We have many times submitted representations to the authorities concerned to repair both the drainage system and the road stretch, but to no avail. We appeal the authorities concerned to look into the matter and redress our long pending grievances.


Batamaloo Colony residents decry dilapidated road condition

The road connecting Firdous Abad Colony in Batamaloo, Srinagar is in shambles for past more than a year. Despite knocking the doors of authorities concerned repeatedly, nothing has been done to repair this one km stretch of road that also connects the locality to the highway.

The condition of the road has deteriorated to the extent that people have stopped to ply their vehicles on this stretch. The dilapidated condition of the road has also affected the pedestrian movement. We feel helpless as our all pleas to redress our genuine demands have fallen on deaf ears. On one hand, the residents of the area have been strictly following the protocol in view of COVID19 pandemic and on the other hand our genuine demands are ignored consistently. We appeal to the authorities concerned to look into our demand and save us from further agony.

Through Fayaz Ahmed Khan

Shah Faisal Abad residents seek speedy disposal of waste

We the residents of Shah Faisal Abad, Old Khadi Mill, Batamaloo, Srinagar appeal the authorities at Srinagar Municipal Corporation to ensure speedy disposal of the waste from the locality. The waste from the residential houses is removed in a single hand-driven cart and it takes long time for the SMC sweepers to clear the waste from the area.

In the surrounding areas of the highly congested locality, the waste is removed in SMC-owned vehicles in a scientific manner. The entire process is completed quickly, save people from the foul smell emanating from the waste. We appeal to the authorities concerned to depute these vehicles to our areas also for speedy disposal of the waste.

Residents through Fayaz Ahmed Khan

Dogs on prowl in Nowgam locality

We the residents of Khawaja Pora, Nowgam in Srinagar urge the administration to address the growing menace of stray dogs in our locality. Packs of canines move freely in the lanes and by-lanes, threatening people living in the area. These packs of canines chase cars and often attack pedestrians. The situation has worsened recently. We request the authorities at Srinagar Municipal Corporation to send a team to the area to end our suffering.