Jailed Kashmir politicians were never loyal to country: BJP

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Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday said Jammu and Kashmir mainstream politicians presently under detention always worked against the country’s sovereignty. The party said the politicians’ release would be considered only when elections are near.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, BJP’s national vice-president and J&K affairs in-charge Avinash Rai Khanna said that almost all the politicians who are serving detention since August 5 in Kashmir were never loyal to country and instead harmed the country’s sovereignty.

“I wonder whether they were really people’s leaders. Had that been the case, why not a single person protested to seek their release,” Khanna said. “If a Sarpanch is detained for some reason, entire village erupts in protest.”

“These leaders always fooled the people on one or the other pretext just to secure votes and to loot the state exchequer to fill their own coffers,” Khanna said.

Asked whether these politicians would be released given the Lieutenant Governor’s statement that polls would soon be held in J&K soon, the BJP leader said, “Let poll time come, the concerned agencies will take a review to decide whether these politicians need to be released.”

“The reality is that BJP is getting acceptance in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh with people getting what they wanted for years together,” he said.

On whether there was any possibility of getting back Article 370, Khanna quipped, “This is day-dreaming.”

“We are committed to give back the Statehood to J&K and that will happen at an appropriate time,” he said.

“With J&K getting permanently re-integrated with the Union of India after 70 years, people in both the UTs are reaping benefits of good governance right at their door step. BJP is working day and night to ensure that there is no governance deficit in J&K and Ladakh UTs,” he said.