JEs Civil of left out 2009 batch demand promotion

Greater Kashmir

Junior Engineers (Civil) of the left out 2009 batch who have been serving in various sections of the Public Works Department for the past 12 years have demanded promotion as Assistant Engineers.

Twenty four JEs (Civil) are moving from pillar to post for almost a decade now seeking justice regarding their promotion as Assistant Engineers.

“We 24 of the left out 2009 batch of Junior Engineers (Civil) who have been serving in various sections of PWD but after serving almost 12 years we have not been promoted as Assistant Engineers despite the fact that our APRs were called thrice for the clearance of the Vigilance department in 2016, 2019 and 2020,” they said.

They urged the Principal Secretary R&B Department to intervene in redressing the service matters and issue orders in this direction.

They said that the lingering and delay in promotion was causing mental stress to them as nothing was moving forward in this direction at the official level.

“We have been sending representations to the concerned authorities but unfortunately we are being neglected. We are requesting Principal Secretary R&B Department to look into the matter and do justice with us to prevent us from further mental trauma which we have been facing,” they said.

As per them, the report about the inclusion of 2010 migrant batch in the list which was challenged by 2012 batch and the process for the settlement was worrisome.

“It should have no effect on our batch as we are ahead of these engineers and are deserving and rightful contenders for promotion,” they said.