J&K bearing brunt of hostility between India, Pakistan: PDP

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) general secretary MansoorHussain on Monday hailed the statement made by the Army chiefs of India and Pakistan over Kashmir. 

“The development a ray of hope for the end of insurmountable predicament of entire South Asia including Jammu and Kashmir,” Mansoor said in a statement. 

“The violence in its all forms is condemnable and need of the hour is to take positive steps towards reconciliation and for the sustainable peace and everlasting tranquility in the entire South Asia including Jammu and Kashmir. The undeniable fact is that the people of J&K are bearing the brunt of the hostility between India and Pakistan since decades. The only way forward, as being pitched by the PDP since inception is opening up the channels of dialogue to safeguard precious lives and plethora of resources of both the countries,” Mansoor said in a statement.

The PDP general secretary while lauding the statement of General Bipin Rawat said the most realistic approach in resolution of the pending issues is the result oriented dialogue and sustainable efforts to catapult dream of peaceful Jammu and Kashmir into reality. 

“The basic foundation of the PDP was laid upon the principle of restoration of peace and end of enmity between both India and Pakistan. The party founder spent his entire life amid perpetual efforts to stop the guns of both the sides from roaring. Time is vindicating the earnest and consistent stand of the PDP towards everlasting, peaceful and honorable solution of the Kashmir conflict,” said the party general secretary.