J&K Handloom employees welcome amalgamation move

The employees of Handloom Development Corporation at Government Handloom silk weaving factory, Solina area on Monday welcomed government’s decision to merge the departments of J&K Handicrafts (S&E) corporation and J&K Handloom development.

In a meeting held under the leadership of the president Bashir Ahmad rather employees put forth their demand of not to reshuffle them in the departments.

“We have been working for handloom development for more than a decade now. We have no problem in amalgamation of two departments, but the reshuffle of employees will affect the production as the employee of one department will be unaware from the working of the other department,” said one employee.

The employees also demanded that they should also be taken as members of committee formulated by the government and the seniority of the employees from Handloom department must not be neglected.

The deported employees must be reorganized and brought back to their concerned departments and safeguarded, the employees in the meeting demanded.