JKLF chief slams Mehbooba's 'Syria-type Azadi' remark

JKLF chief slams Mehbooba's 'Syria-type Azadi' remark

Yasin Malik, Kalwal shifted to JIC Humhama from Central Jail

Incarcerated Jammu and Kashmir Lib¬eration Front (JKLF) chairman Muham¬mad Yasin Malik and its zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal were shifted to JIC Humhama from Srinagar Central Jail on Tuesday. Malik was arrested on July 8 and shifted to the Central Jail on July 30.

Before being shifted to JIC Humhama, Malik termed the recent statement of J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti comparing freedom struggle with war in Syria as “absurd and based on blatant lies.” Mehbooba had asked: “Do Kash¬miris want Syria-type Azadi?” 

“Comparing freedom struggle of Kashmiris with war in Syria or Iraq is ridiculous as Kashmiris are fighting for their legitimate right guaranteed to them by the international com¬munity, United Nations and also pledged by the Indian Parlia¬ment and India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and many other leaders.” 

“Kashmiris are striving for their freedom like Ghandi and his fellow Indians did against the British occupation and com¬paring this peaceful resistance and demand for freedom with wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya can only be termed as mental bankruptcy of power-hungry politicians,” Malik, according to a JKLF spokesman, said. 

Terming innocent girl Insha who has pellets in her eyes as a “glaring example of Indian barbarism and excessive use of force against unarmed civilians”, Malik said: “Indian bullets, pellets and shells have killed more than 75 innocents so far and injured over 8000 people in Kashmir. More than 600 people have lost their eyesight and majority of those injured have received bullets and pellets on heads, faces and chests, but the irony is that instead of regretting these killings and injuries and feeling some shame on such use of force, the so-called Chief Minister and others in ruling coalition are shamelessly putting blame on those killed and injured by calling them ‘attackers who ransacked camps, police stations or tried to snatch weapons’.” 

“Hunger of power and lust of authority have turned these politicians blind and they are busy rubbing salt into the wounds of Kashmiris, pushing them to the wall and hence promoting violence,” the JKLF chief said, while strongly condemning the ongoing spree of arrests, nocturnal raids, restrictions, beatings throughout Kashmir and other ‘oppressive’ measures. 

“The so-called rulers after unleashing reign of terror against Kashmiris have now turned towards Pirpanjal and recent arrest and slapping PSA on advocate Hassan Babar Nehru in Doda is yet another example of intolerant rulers who want to suppress every peaceful voice in their pursuit to please their masters in Delhi and Nagpur (RSS headquarters). Kashmiris have always perused the path of their resistance with peaceful means and in fact it is the state-sponsored violence and use of brute force that has been (and is) the main cause of violence in Jammu and Kashmir,” Malik said. 

“Kashmir is an internationally-acknowledged issue that needs a resolution and people of Jammu and Kashmir being the masters of this land and principal party to this dispute have every right to pursue their freedom struggle peacefully and it is the duty of international community to fulfill its obligations vis-à-vis resolution of Jammu and Kashmir issue so that lasting peace, tranquility and prosperity of South Asia is ensured and guaranteed,” he said. 

Meanwhile, JKLF vice-chairman Advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt, in a statement, condemned “illegal solitary confinement” and shifting of ailing JKLF chairman to JIC Humhama. 

“The way rulers are playing with the health of Yasin Malik and putting him into solitary confinement is highly dangerous and if anything untoward happens to him the responsibility will lie on the shoulders of rulers and authorities.”