JKPM committed to solve people's problems: Muhammad Ramzan

Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM) vice-president, Muhammad Ramzan, Thursday said that the party is committed to solve the problems of the people.

Ramzan issued the statement while visiting Mazgam village in Noorabad constituency. “JKPM will fight for the people’s rights and their genuine concerns,” he said.

During the visit, he also met several deputations who complained that they have not been paid relief after they suffered damages due to inclement weather. “The relief has been disbursed to some snow-affected farmers, but a large number of affected families in Khuribatpora, Bagbal, Avil, Lisarpora, Hallan, Chogalpora, Khull, Ahmadabad, Ringat, Malwan and Puhloo villages have not been paid yet,” Ramzan claimed.

He urged the district administration to review the cases and released payment for the affected-families.